Ebele Moses-Madu

Marketing/Business Director

Firstly, Ebele is a human being who strives to be a human being.

She believes strongly in acquiring insight by augmenting theoretical knowledge with perceptive knowledge. Her degrees in Applied Mathematics enable her to be constructively critical, and her experience in business has taught her that adaptability and ingenuity fuel enduring success.

Ebele has been selling — mostly to the African market — for over 10 years, and she has that knack for coming up with unscripted business solutions and knowing what works in business. She profoundly understands the African market, from her decision-making process to her various consumer profiles, socio-cultural influencing factors, and unique fundamental needs.

Secondly, Ebele is passionate about okpa (especially when it's cooked with vegetables 😊 ), Entrepreneurship, and the development of Africa and Africans.