What is Kegomall?

What is Kegomall?

How can it help my business?

Entrepreneurship is awesome! When business is booming, you are happy, despite the stress. When business is slow, however, it is a sad experience. This is because you did not go into business to ‘relax and be taken care of’, you went into business to be busy! When other people see stress, entrepreneurs see success. 

Yes, we enjoy receiving calls from Lagos, Abuja, Ekiti, Calabar, Benue, Kaduna, Onitsha, and even outside Nigeria, from customers requesting our goods and services. So when you see us running around trying to deliver our goods to our customers, don’t feel sorry for us, even though we wish it could be less stressful.

We, at Kegomall, are entrepreneurs too, and we understand what a struggling entrepreneur needs. This is why we have created not just another e-store builder, but a service that is missing in the entrepreneurship space - a business support system for young businesses.

Any business operating in the 21st century without a strong online presence is missing the key to exponential growth. By online presence, I’m not referring to only displaying your products on your Instagram page, Facebook page, or Whatsapp status. I’m talking about going ten steps further by having a real online store that will adequately represent your business.

Sadly, this is often not possible because of the high cost of creating and managing a fully-equipped website. Hence, we are stuck with the same old process of conducting business online: You advertise your best products, hoping that it will attract potential customers. These potential customers contact you, and they usually want to know three major things - your price, other products that you offer, and proof that your product is genuine. So you spend time chatting with multiple customers at the same time, trying to convince each one without making others feel ignored. 

When the customers agree to buy from you, that’s not the end. You still have to collect their delivery details and verify their payment. Sometimes, you have to do all these while managing your physical customers. Other times, you find that customers find it hard to trust or respect your brand. This process also takes a lot of time and often leads to the loss of potential customers. 

Worry no more, we have a solution.

Let’s say the name of your business is Success Story. With your personal Kegomall store, you can simply direct your potential customers to www.success-story.com. Imagine the respect this will give to your brand. On your e-store, they will see all your available product offerings instead of just the few that you would have sent. Moreso, the positive reviews left by your old customers, will convince them to go ahead and buy from you. 

You can go further by making your products more appealing. In addition to product descriptions, you can write about each product on the personal blog that comes with your store, put up nice pictures or videos, and encourage your customers to leave helpful reviews on your store. This will help to convince even a doubting Thomas.

A chat functionality makes it possible for them to chat with you if they have any question. When they are done shopping, they can make payment using Kegomall’s payment solution that is secured with the highest security standard available in the world today. That’s goodbye to unverifiable screenshots and delayed alerts.

What if a customer who has your store’s website address goes directly to your store to place an order? You will be informed of the order that was placed through an email or a text message.

An added advantage is that when you go to your admin page, you can add your employees (like your salesperson and your store manager) to manage activities on your e-store for you. You will also see a report of the number of visitors, sales and new user registrations that your store has had, and you can find out which product is running out on your inventory page. 

In addition, you can run promos by issuing out coupons to your customers. This will greatly bump up sales and brand awareness. Rest assured, Kegomall will remember all your customers for you and let you separate them into different groups. With this, you can channel your marketing campaigns to the right group of customers.

In fact, Kegomall is equipped with so many benefits that you have to create your own store to find out about all of them.

Helping you own an e-store that you can afford is our way of supporting thriving entrepreneurs with technology. Before building it, we asked ourselves these questions: 

What does a store do in real life?

How can we provide this functionality in an e-store?

What do entrepreneurs need the most to grow their business? 

We took the answers to these questions and used them to create Kegomall so that entrepreneurs can get the viable support that they need to grow their businesses.

As they say, “Body no be firewood”! If you do not look for efficient ways to run your business, you will experience burnout, no matter how strong you are. 

The benefits of smooth business processes are not just for your health, but for your business as well. Having the right kind of support means that you will have more time, and having more time means that your mind is less stressed. With this ease of mind, you can sit back, analyse your business, and see what it has been lacking. You will also notice opportunities for growth that you haven’t taken note of before.

Don’t let someone else sign up with your business name. Create your store now!


We have tried to answer all the questions that you might have about Kegomall here.


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