How to Set Up a Store on Kegomall

Setting up a store in real life is challenging enough! Let’s not even talk about the demands of managing your physical business  ?

We know that your time is valuable, and this is why we have made the process of setting up your Kegomall e-store a breeze.

All that is required to create your own store is your name, the name of your business and your email address. And I mean, that is all! No bank details or debit/credit card requirement (you can add that when you start making sales), no CAC registration requirement, no hidden next steps ... All in all, no stone in your jollof rice ?

Once you finish filling the form which should take no more than 2 minutes, you are directed to your admin page to start customising and managing your store.

To become a Kegomall store owner, go to, and enter your details in the respective fields provided.

The first detail you are required to provide is your store name, which will be on your website address (that is or

You will also need to tell us your legal name (not your nickname, please). This will be used to identify you as the owner of the store. 

After this, we will need your email address. The email you provide will be used to contact you and send you regular information about your store, so it is important that you provide us with an email address that you take seriously. Also, add us to your email contacts so that our emails will not be directed to your spam.

To finish off, create a password, and check the box that says that you agree to our terms of service. Click on  create my store , and you will be directed to your admin page.

See how easy that was?!? I told you, no hidden steps!

You will receive an email informing you that your store has been created. It will also provide you with the domain details of your store.

On the upper right corner of your admin page, there are three buttons - the  Help   button will guide you whenever you are stuck or need more information,  View My Website   will take you to your store page, and clicking on your name will enable you to customise your profile and modify your account information.

You will find your store’s management and configuration features on the left of your screen. (You can access this by clicking on the menu   ☰   icon if you are using a mobile device.)

All you need to do now is to customise your store and start adding products to it.

I mean, what shall it profit us to make your store set up hard, and make store management easy?

Don’t let someone else create their store with the business name your customers love. Create your store now!


How to Customise Your Store

Congratulations on setting up your Kegomall store, we are excited to see what you will achieve with it.

With your e-store up and running, the next step should be to customise it to reflect your brand and attract new customers. This is where you begin to think about your brand and what you want your customers to see it as.

Firstly, you need to go to your Admin Page. If you are on the Kegomall website, click on My Account (this is located at the top of the page) to sign in to your Admin Page.

On your Admin Page, click on the menu   ☰   icon to reveal the navigation panel, a