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Who is a Kegomall Affiliate?

A Kegomall Affiliate is a person who uses their platforms and resources to market our services to our target audience. (In this case, our target audience is business owners who could set up online stores as a means of growing their business.)

As a registered affiliate, your efforts are recognised by our team and you are duly rewarded when new store owners join us through you.

How Does our Affiliate System Work?

To encourage transparency and earn the trust of our affiliates, have designed an affiliate system that runs independently of us. We will fully describe it here to assure you that we will not change the goal post when the game is in play.

Once you sign up as an affiliate with us, a personal account is created for you, and you are assigned a unique referral link. On your dashboard, you will be able to see a breakdown of your contributions in real-time so that you can monitor your performance yourself.

Whenever a store is created using your referral link, it will be instantly accredited to you and you will be able to see what subscription plan the store owner signed up for. You can test this yourself when you sign up with us.

When a store that is accredited to you upgrades from a free plan to a platinum plan or from a platinum plan to a gold plan, the upgrade will reflect on your dashboard, and you will be rewarded accordingly.

To encourage store owners that learn about us through you to sign up with your link, we offer a unique discount that they can access only if they sign up with your link. Should they try to create a store without your link, they will not have this benefit.

This way, we have mitigated the likelihood of you not reaping the reward of your effort.

How Do We Reward Our Affiliates?

Our affiliates enjoy an immediate reward and a longterm reward.

Our Immediate Reward System

When store owners sign up for a platinum plan as a result of your effort, you are rewarded N1000 for the first three years of their subscription.

If the store owner signs up for a gold plan, you are rewarded N2000 for the first three years of their subscription.

Should a store owner who first signed up for a platinum plan upgrade to a gold plan, this will instantly reflect on your dashboard (as we stated earlier), and you will be credited with the difference of N1000.

Even if most of your customers are operating on the free plan and are not willing to upgrade to the paid plan, you are not left out. When 10 store owners on the free plan (that are accredited to your account) make sales on their store, you will be credited with N1000.

The Longterm Reward

We are a growing team that believes that good work must be adequately rewarded. While we are hiring at the moment, we have reserved some space on our team for high-performing affiliates.

We want to be able to fully absorb affiliates who perform outstandingly well on our network in capacities where they show the most strength.

To this effect, if you bring in sign-ups to the tune of N1,000,000, we will make you a full-time employee with a salary structure and employee benefits (we hope that you will agree to join our team fully 😊 ). This will not affect the immediate rewards that you have earned already, you will continue getting them.

How Do We Pay Our Affiliates?

We pay our affiliates every Monday (unless otherwise stated).

When you submit your bank account details (we only ask for your account name and phone number) which must correspond to the name on your account, you will receive your weekly payments promptly.

However, before you do, your total earnings will always be visible on your Kegomall wallet.

Terms and Conditions

Everybody on the Kegomall team is a valued member — this is one core value we do not take for granted.

While we thank you for your contributions to our growth, we enjoin you to offer us the same genuineness that we have extended to you. We ask you to not indulge in distasteful practices such as creating spam stores or utilising your place on the platform for fraudulent goals.

Our back-end system is designed to detect this and our Integrity Team is always on the lookout for ways that the system can be sabotaged. Some affiliates have attempted this in the past without success and we will immediately blacklist any guilty account until innocence is established.

We look forward to a fulfilling working relationship with you.