What is Kegomall?

Kegomall provides eCommerce-as-a-service by enabling you to sell your products to the large market available on the internet. It is specially designed to fulfil the unique needs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Just like setting up new branches signifies growth in business, a personal online store is a way to create an extension of your business on the internet. Ultimately, an online store does not replace your physical business — it takes you to the next level!

With Kegomall, you can create your own online store in less than 2 minutes and you do not need to code or hire a programmer to help you with anything. Our process is made to be easy, and managing your store is designed to be very intuitive and efficient.

Our vision is to democratise digital business solutions for the non-technical African entrepreneur and Kegomall is our first step in implementing our suite of business solutions. We are committed to providing African MSMEs with state-of-the-art tools that will enable them to grow their businesses.

What Can You Do With Your Online Store?

Stores created through our platform are fully functional and highly customizable. Every store comes with two industry-leading payment systems for secure payment, a personalised URL so that your customers can easily find you, and a blog so that you can talk about how unique your business and products are. Your store also comes with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that will enable you to track your customers and communicate easily with them.

In addition, you will be able to add your staff as users, manage your inventory efficiently, and use your integrated data analytics to see how your business is doing and know what you can do to make it grow.

What’s more?

Store owners can run promos and issue coupons, and their stores are SEO and digital marketing enabled. Moreover, we want you to enjoy the best customer service on the continent — this is why we provide genuine 24/7 support and are always within the reach of our customers.

… And we offer all these and more within an efficiently simplified structure!

Who Is Kegomall For?

Kegomall is for you!

We’re all about empowering that dedicated entrepreneur — traders, manufacturers, creators, drop-shippers, farmers, artisans, merchants, ... down to the last one of us — that keeps showing up, day in and day out. Kegomall and other solutions that will come after it, will always have you in mind and be designed to help you succeed.

We're really passionate about entrepreneurship in Africa. For us, it isn't just about floating another successful tech company, it is about doing it right for our people.

To show our strong commitment to the growth of the African entrepreneur (who accounts for a laudable 90 percent of employment across the continent), we have included a robust FREE package to engender the growth of your business.