Kegomall’s MyStore empowers you to become an unlimited business.
Create a branch of your business online for free now!

Beautiful and Functional

Get an online store that your customers will love to visit. We keep expanding our theme collection to make sure that you find the perfect layout and feel for your business.

Zero Technical

Just focus on growing your business while we handle all the technical aspects. You won’t need any coding or programming knowledge!

Made for You

Get a personalised URL that brings customers to your store. From colour to design, you can customise every part of your store to reflect your brand.

Sell, Sell and Sell!!!

Conduct business as you would in a physical store. Attract customers, showcase your products, and complete financial transactions securely!

Do business online the way you deserve with a store that you can fully manage and control.




Why do You Need an Online Store?

You need an online store to:

Increase Your Sales

Many people search the internet every day for products you sell and they won’t find your business on Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook! You need an online store to capture those customers and increase sales.

Grow Your Brand

Convince new customers to trust you. Use product reviews, business showcase, and blog articles to give your business the respect and recognition that it needs.

Connect With Your Customers

Never lose a customer again! Your online store will keep the contact details of every customer so that you can tell them about new products and promos.

Manage Your Business

Get useful reports on your progress, track your sales and orders, manage your staff, keep up with your inventory, and so much more!

Receive Secure Payments

DO NOT be defrauded by fake credit alerts. With our state-of-the-art payment processors, your hard-earned money is safer than it has ever been!

Stay With a Brand that Truly Cares About Your Success

All we think about is you! We know that we only grow when you grow. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what you need and we will keep adding features that will give you just that.

MyStore gives you a stress-free, affordable, and powerful way to sell your products online,

... Because you deserve to own an online store that is truly YOURS!

If your business name is Success Story,

Your store’s URL will be

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How does Kegomall Work?

Setting up a fully customizable online store doesn't get easier than this.

Take the stress out of business!

Create your own store in one minute

Platform Features

Everything you need in Kegomall

Your all-in-one online store has all the tools you need to succeed.

Your URL is Personalised

Customise Your Store Fully

Detailed Progress Reports

Develop Your Brand

Enjoy Free Domain & Hosting

Blog About Your Business

Track Every User’s Activities

Free Delivery of Digital Products

Your Store is Well-Secured

Receive Customer Reviews

Manage Your Sales & Orders

Import Batch Products

Your Payments are Protected

Responsive Design Themes

Manage Your Inventory

Tag Your Products

Manage Your Customers

Manage Multiple Users

Get New Order Notifications

Offer Coupons & Discounts

Create Dynamic Store Pages

Share Your Business on Social Media

Choose Your Preferred Payment Method

Manage Your Product Listings Automatically

Optimise Your Store for SEO

Send Newsletters to Your Customers

Enjoy 24/7 Support From Us

Upload Your Own FAQ to Your Store

Run Digital Marketing Campaigns

Send Bulk SMSes to Your Customer Groups

Generate Offline Invoices & Receipts

Chat with Your Customers

... And much more with your online store

Launch your business online with Kegomall

Are you worried about whether you'll do well on your own?
Do Not Be! We’ll be with you every step of the way until you start selling like a pro!
Create your store for free, and get ALL the tools and services that you need to
Start, Run, and Grow your business online.


Yes, we can, and we will be happy to be of help. Our friendly support team is always at your service.
Just call us or chat us up on Whatsapp or Telegram whenever you are ready to start setting up your store.

Phone call: 09136868001

This does not affect the commitment you have on these platforms in any way.

As long as you have sufficient stock, you can continue to sell on these platforms while selling on your personal online store at the same time.

What a personal online store does for you is that it gives you a platform where you are completely in charge. It will help you to grow your unique brand, earn the respect of customers, manage your business, and sell online without direct competition.

No, it doesn’t.

An online store can be compared to opening another branch of your business. However, the advantage of this branch is that you can sell to anyone, no matter their location.

Your online store also has features that can help you manage your physical business and communicate with your customers effortlessly.

Yes, you can.

In fact, your online store is designed to provide all the business processes that a physical store provides.

Definitely yes! Your online store is equipped with a robust digital marketing capability so that you can create awareness about your business to people within your business location.

With your online store, you can easily attract and sell to those customers that cannot come to your physical store. In addition to that, there’s no limit to the number of products that you can have on your online store.

We have the perfect opportunity for you!

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